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Matthew 25:1-13. We do not know the hour of our Lords' return, are you ready?
Which path will you choose? Life and blessing or Death and curses? Choose Life.
How to fulfil the Law and the Prophets
Jesus speaks of treasure, eyes and masters
Our lives either attract others to Christ, or can be an obstacle
Hallowed be Your Name and Your will be done
The real message of Easter
First love
The disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray
Jesus meets with a possessed man
Jesus and the Law
Jesus and the Law
Whilst we Journey between two points of nakedness, we and we alone are called to be Salt and Light
Breaking down strongholds that hinder the Sanctification process
The widow and her obedience to God's Word
Blessed are they who are
3 types of people. Type 1 Those who are in the matrix and do not know the truth Type 2 Those who have escaped the matrix and do know the truth Type 3 Those who have escaped the matrix, know the truth, but Still prefer the lie, the
satan comes to Jesus to tempt Him
Love joy peace patience kindness goodness gentleness faithfulness and self control
John appears on the scene with a message "repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand."
God is always in control
Lessons from the lives of Daniel. Ruth and Jonah
Barriers broken down between Jew and Gentile, removed Barriers between Religious people and sinner, removed Barriers between man and woman, removed Barriers between good ordinary people, and scheming people, removed
In Christ we are free from the Law’s oppressive system, we are free from the penalty of sin, and we are free from the power of sin. Christian freedom is never a licence to sin. We are free in Christ, but not free to live however we like, indulging the fle
How to spot false teachers
Why do I forget the things that I want to remember and remember the things that I want to forget.
Faith, goodness, Knowledge, self control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, love
Leadership and seeing life from God's perspective
We cannot escape suffering in one form or another
From where do we view the Cross of Christ
8 Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble. 9 Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that
As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to him—
Therefore prepare your minds for action
^ things that God says about His children
The closing chapters of 1 Samuel show both sides of these men
It is often the small things which cause us to stubble
The events in David's life begin to shape his reliance on God
Application from this well known story
Martin reminds us of the Power of The Cross


Hello and welcome to our church. If you are a new visitor, we have a page for you to get to know us and learn more about planning a visit.
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Planning your Visit

A Warm Hello 

The following information is specifically for those planning a visit, so that you know, beforehand, what to expect on a Sunday morning.

Where and When

We meet at the Church Building (details here) for our Sunday Service starting at 0930am. For your first visit, we recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early to ensure you get a parking space and find somewhere to sit before the service begins. When you arrive, you will be greeted by someone on our Welcome Team.

Accessibility: There is wheelchair access into the building, and a stairlift for anyone who requires as the church meeting is held on the 1st floor.  Please let one of the Welcome Team know on your arrival and they will help you to get set up. The disabled toilet is in the main foyer on the ground floor.

Our Service

The main service begins at 0930 am with a warm welcome from one of our team members. Then follows a time of sung worship. We typically have 2 or 3 songs lasting approximately 20 minutes. Sometimes a person might pray out loud or read a small passage from the bible.  We then share news and notices, usually about what’s going on in the life of the church. There will be a sermon that is bible based and that we can apply to our everyday life. We then finish with a time of worship, followed by tea or coffee and a time of fellowship. 
There is always opportunity to receive prayer at the end of the service should you require.

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What about my kids?

We have a great programme lined up for kids of all ages:

  • Seedlings (3-8 years)

Children stay with their parent or grown-up at the start of the service for the welcome, songs and notices. We really value worshipping God all together as a family. At the end of the notices someone will announce that it’s time for the younger members to go to their various groups.  

The kids group activities vary depending on the age but usually there is a friendly welcome, bible stories, testimonies, praying, music, craft, drama, fun games and free play. 


Getting Connected

Small Groups

While Sundays are a great way to meet new people, it is often in smaller gatherings that you can really get to know someone. Being part of one of our small groups allows you to make new friends, share together and support each other. We have a variety of groups that meet throughout the week, some afternoons and some evenings. Check out Small Groups and see if there’s one that you could join, or we can put you in touch with a small group leader who will be more than happy to invite you along to their group.

Serving and Volunteering

If you want to get involved in the life of the church and help us make Sundays run smoothly, please speak with one of the leaders. 

Other Ministries

We also run the following ministries:

  • Furniture project
  • Mental health support
  • Domestic violence support
  • Foodbank
  • Charity shop
Get in touch with us to plan your visit
If you would like to come and visit the church beforehand you are more than welcome! Get in touch and we can arrange a time that suits you.
Email Address:
Comments / Questions or anything you would like to say?

Next, we will contact you by email to say hello and help arrange anything necessary for your visit.

Introduction to a couple of the church leaders, further details can be found on the staff and leadership page.

alan - COPY   Dawn
Alan   Dawn
Alan was part of the original church planting team which started the church in 2007. He holds a theology degree from Mattersey Hall, a Pentecostal and Charismatic Christian College. Alan loves to teach the Word of God and is passionate about people being discipled and thereby attaining their full potential "in Christ."   Dawn is married to Martin and has been in leadership since 2010, she is our main Safeguard point of contact.
Dawn has 30 years experience of working in the NHS, She recently took a break to attend Bible College.
Her passion is for overseas mission which has taken her to the Philippines, Kenya and India where she has been involved in both children's work and healthcare, demonstrating God's love in practical ways.
Dawn and Martin have a son, Joshua.
We hope that whoever you are, you will feel at home at our church.

Best Wishes